Cinderella - Read the book to your class - Watch the video - Listen to the Soundtrack

An Art Lesson Incorporating Fairy Tales This art project incorporates the fairy tale theme and uses the story of Cinderella.

Cinderella in Africa (Gr. 1-3) Children will list differences and similarities between the African folk tale, Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters, or Cinderella, and other African versions of the Cinderella story.

Cinder Edna Learn about problem solving and create a Venn diagram.

Cinder-Elly (Gr. 4) Compare Cinderella and Cinder-Elly, see Cinderella in sign writing...

Cinderella Lesson Plans (Gr. 5-6) Students think critically by comparing three versions of the same fairy tale, “Cinderella”.

Cinderella Stories (Gr. 3-6) Lesson plans on different Cinderella stories (Tattercoats, Cap o'Rushes, The Twelve Months, etc.).

Cinderella:Variations on a Theme (Gr. 5, 9)This lesson provides students in language arts classes with an opportunity to compare and contrast different versions of the Cinderella fairy tale.

Cinderella Webquest After completing your first mission, you will then read two different versions of Cinderella and analyze one new fairy tale from another country.

Cinderella, Where...? An online curriculum project.

Integrated Thematic Unit - Cinderella Activities Web-based Cinderella activities.

Versions of Cinderella Students will be able to identify different characteristics of different versions of Cinderella and will compare at least two different versions of Cinderella.

Cinderella retold, classroom revisions
From Mrs. McGaffey's second graders, "new and improved Cinderella stories

Cinderella signed
From Darline Clark-Gunsauls, the story written for children in American Sign Language. - Lyrics to songs.

Cap o'Rushes, The Princess and the Golden Shoes, Tattercoats, and The Twelve Months (Gr. 2-8)

Great Books and Products from

Angkat - The Cambodian Cinderella by Jewell Reinhart Coburn

Cendrillon: A Cajun Cinderella by Sheila Hebert Collins

Cendrillon: A Caribbean Cinderella by Daniel San Souci (see right)

Cinder Edna by Ellen Jackson

Cinderella (The Oryx Multicultural Folktale Series)

Cinderella-That Awful Cinderella - A Classic Tale (Point of View) by Alvin Granowsky

Cinderella - A Casebook Alan Dundes (Editor)

The Egyptian Cinderella by Shirley Climo

The Golden Sandal: A Middle Eastern Cinderella by Rebecca Hickox

The Irish Cinderlad by Shirley Climo

Jouanah - A Hmong Cinderella by Jewell Reinhart Coburn

The Korean Cinderella by Shirley Climo

Midnight: A Cinderella Alphabet by Stephanie Perkal

Rough-Face Girl by Rafe Martin

Smoky Mountain Rose: An Appalachian Cinderella by Alan Schroeder

Sootface: An Ojibwa Cinderella Story by Robert D. San Souci

The Turkey Girl: A Zuni Cinderella by Penny Pollock

The Way Meat Loves Salt: A Cinderella Tale from the Jewish Tradition by Nina Jaffe

Yeh Shen: A Cinderella Story from China by Ai-Ling Louie

Cinderella on VHS for 6.00

Cinderella: Songs From The Classic Fairy Tale (1998 Studio Compilation) [SOUNDTRACK]