Bartholomew and the Oobleck
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After reading this story a popular thing to do is make Oobleck and discuss the properties of Oobleck. The students love!

The recipe will make enough for a class of 30.

YOU NEED: ~a large mixing bowl ~mixing spoon ~green food coloring ~10 cups (21/2L) of cornstarcg ~6 cups (11/2L) of room temperature water

DIRECTIONS: Put water in the large bowl and add food coloring drop by drop until the water turns green. Now mix in the cornstarch a cup at a time. Mix throroughly. Have some extra cornstarch available for thickening the mixture. Place a glob of the mixture in a paper cup and give one to each students.


Try to make it into a ball. Does it bounce?

Try to pull it apart, slowly and quickly.

Hold it in your hand and see what happens.

Does it stick to your desk?

Try some more Oobleck experiments!

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