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Teaching Heart Back To School Packet of Printables!

Back To School Packet & Watermelon Theme

Ultimate Back To School Packet
Activity sheets to make back to school run smoothly in your
classroom. Class books, pocket chart activities, various
activity sheets for getting to know your class, and more.
So many files to choose from! This year will be off to a
great start with these activities. These files are zipped.
Every file is PDF as well as either Word of Publisher so you can
easily modify if you own those programs. Below is an index
of what is found in the packet. Suggested grades are next
to each file. Be sure to check out the preview file as

1.) Classroom Treasure Hunt
Have the students read the statement in the box, find an item to
match the statement, draw a picture, and write a word in the box.
(For grades 2-3) Read the statement to your students and
have them find the item that matches the statement. Then
they must draw a picture of the item in the box. (K-1)

2.) First Day Name Tags Type a
students name on a name tag in the space provided. Students,
who are leaving school on a bus, would get a bus name tag. Students
who are walking home would get a sneaker name tag. Students
who are getting a ride home would get a car name tag. After
you type the names on the tags, print the tags on cardstock,
laminate, and place a pin on the back. Give each student
their name tag on the first day. (K-1)

3.) Mini Book What Will
We Learn Mini Book An emergent reader for the first
day. Each page has a picture for your student to color.
You can read the book together (k-1) and then have the students
take it home to share with an adult.

4.) Back To School Times A
writing activity for the first day. The student fills in
the newspaper writing prompt to create an All About Me paper.
You could display these on a bulletin board. Parents would
enjoy these at open house. These are also nice to save for
the portfolio. (1-3)

5.) How Did You Get Here? A
tally and graphing activity. Students must tally how their
new friends got to school. They must then color the given
graph to match their tally marks. Then they are asked to
answer a few questions about their graph. This can be done
as a group activity (1-2) or as an independent activity (3).

6.) Graphing For Back To School
Student cuts out given pictures and pastes them to a given
graph. The student must answer questions about the finished
graph. (1-3).

7.) Shopping For School Words
student is given a school word. The student must use the
key to add up the letters in the word and then find a total price
for the word. (2-3)

8.) Interview a Classmate Form
Give each student one of these forms. Program the forms
with a name of a classmate you would like the student to
interview. The students then ask their classmate the
questions on the form. When everyone is finished have each
student use the form they created to introduce the classmate to
your class. (2-3)

9.) Marshmallow Toes Activity
Directions, Sentence Strips for Pocket Chart, and various student
activity sheets. (1-3)

10.) Lucky Charms Bag Topper
Print on cardstock and staple to a Ziploc bag of Lucky Charms
Cereal. Give to your students to take home on the first day
of school.

11.) Back to School Pocket Chart
Student matches pictures to the text in the pocket chart.
Sentence strips and pictures are included. Also included is
an independent activity sheet for the student to complete.

12.) Get to Know You Glyph
This includes the glyph for your student to create, a bulletin
board display for you to use as a center, and a center sheet for
your students to complete while at the bulletin board (1-3).

13.) Balloon Strips For an
icebreaker, place slips in balloons. Kids sit on the
balloon to pop it. They then read the question and answer

14.) Classmate Bingo - Color the
bingo card. Place the names of your classmates in the blank
boxes. Your teacher will call out names. The pictures
are free spaces. Put a pretzel on the names she calls.
If you get four in a row, yell CLASSMATE BINGO!

15.) Classmate Survey - Walk
around the room and find classmates that fit these categories.
If they do, have the classmate sign their name next to the
survey. See how many different names you can get. Your
teacher will tell you when to begin and end.

16.) Lucky School Year
Gift for Students. Attach to Ziploc of Lucky Charms.
Fold in half over the bag (Prek-3)- Various to choose

17.) Online Back to School
A form that when printed looks like a webpage. Students
put details about themselves on the form! (2-3)

18.) Summer Graphing Set
Class Graphing Activity (1-3)

19.) Boy Baseball Erase a Rhyme

20.) Back to School Following
Directions Activity Sheet (K-2)

BONUS Watermelon Files

21.) Watermelon Emergent Reader
A little book for your students to read and color. The
last page asks your students to draw themselves eating
watermelon. (K-2)

22.) Watermelon Flavor Graph
You will need to allow your students to taste a watermelon,
watermelon flavored gum, watermelon flavored Jello, and
watermelon flavored Kool-Aid before doing this activity. They
should then decide which one they like the best. Then have
them complete the activity sheet. The sheet asks them to
tally up each classmates favorites (You may choose to do this
part of the activity as a class exercise). Next, they color
in the graph to match the tally marks. Finally the sheet
asks them answer questions about their work.

23.) Watermelon Graphic Organizer
A simple graphic organizer for your students to jot down
watermelon words on. (1-3)

24.) Watermelon Math Baggie Center Student
matches the rind to the sum in seeds. This center can be
placed in a baggie and one can be han

Copyright 2013 C. Gallagher

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Back to School Glyph Craftivity

Here is a great back to school craft / math activity / writing
activity for your first, second, or third grade classroom. It is
a great way for students to learn about their new classmates from
reading the data supplied. This makes a great display for open
house. Parents love guessing which glyph is their students. The
guess who books each glyph student is holding makes it even more
fun to display. Math, reading, and writing all thrown into one
fun display. This packet included the templates to make the
glyphs. It also includes data collection activity sheets to use
during glyph construction and after.

Page 4 and 5 Boy and girl templates. Students color according
to their answers. Cut and add arms (I just cut strips of paper).

Page 6 Guess Who Book for students to fill out and staple
together.It will be glued to one of the hands on the glyph.

Page 7 Apple template for the Glyph.

Page 8 and 9 School is Cool Header for Display.

Page 10 Color Key for Display

Page 11Black and White Key

Page 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 Various activity sheets to use along
with the glyph. Students can complete independently, with a
friend, or as a class. So much learning once the craft and
writing are done!

Page 18 and 19 Bonus Pencil Glyph Activity for Back to School.

Back to School Glyph Activity

Back to School Glyph and Activities


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